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Dear users,




/Door of Apocalypse ("/Door of Apocalypse", "we", "our",and "us") understand how important your privacy is to you and arefully committed to protecting it. Please do not submit personal or private datato /Door of Apocalypse before you have read, understood, and agreedto this Privacy Policy ("this Policy").




We created this Policy to help youunderstand:


1. How /Door of Apocalypse usesyour personal data


2. How /Door of Apocalypse usescookies and similar technologies


3. How /Door of Apocalypsediscloses your personal data


4. How to access or modify your personaldata


5. How /Door of Apocalypseprotects your personal data


6. How /Door of Apocalypse handlesthe personal data of children


7. /Door of Apocalypse'sthird party providers and their services


8. How your personal data is transferredinternationally


9. How this Policy is updated


10. How to contact /Door of Apocalypse




Please note that this Policy applies solelyto /Door of Apocalypse consumer electronics, including featurephones, smart phones, tablets, home devices, data cards, computer applications,tools, software, websites, and services that display or refer to this Policy.




This Policy describes how /Door of Apocalypsehandles your personal and private data and affirms its commitment to protectingyour privacy. The Policy does not address all possible data-processingscenarios. Information about product- or service-specific data collection isissued by /Door of Apocalypse in supplementary policies. It isrecommended that you read both this Policy and any supplements to fullyunderstand /Door of Apocalypse 's privacy policies for a specificproduct or service. 




1. How /Door of Apocalypse usesyour personal data


Personal data is information that can beused on its own or in combination with other information, to identify anindividual. Such data is collected when you use /Door of Apocalypseproducts or services and can include your name, date of birth, address,identity number, telephone number, account number, photo, and the location anddate when products or services were accessed. /Door of Apocalypsecollects and uses your personal data solely for the purposes indicated in thisPolicy. The following are examples of personal data we may collect and how weuse it: 


1.1 Personal data collected by /Door of Apocalypse




We may collect some personal data, includingyour name, profile picture, phone number, email address, age, and location.Below are some examples of the types of personal data we may collect.




(a) Data you submit directly: A number of /Door of Apocalypseservices allow you to create accounts or profiles. You may be requested toprovide account information, such as your email address, delivery address,phone number, product information, time of purchase, and method of payment. Ifyou use /Door of Apocalypse services to share content with yourfriends, we may need you to provide their contact information, including theirname, profile picture, phone number, and email address. Some /Door of Apocalypseservices allow you to communicate and share information with other people. Allsuch communications are secure. If you encounter any errors while using a /Door of Apocalypsedevice or application, you can choose to send error details to /Door of Apocalypse.




(b) Service use data: We may collect systemand application data from your devices, including the device name, system andapplication versions, regional and language settings, device version, deviceidentification number (IMEI, ESN, MEID, and SN), geographic location (such asthe ID of the area where your device is located), service provider network ID(PLMN), usage habits, and IP address. We may also log your service accesstimes, search query terms, and the data stored in cookies on yourdevices. 




(c) Third party data: We may receive dataabout you from publicly and commercially available sources as permitted by law.We may also receive data about you from third party social networking services,such as when you log in to our websites using your Facebook or Twitter account.




1.2 How /Door of Apocalypse usesyour personal data




We may use your personal data to:


(a) Fulfill purchase orders; deliver,activate, or verify products or services; make changes upon your request; andoffer technical support.




(b) Contact you; send you information aboutproducts and services that may be of interest; invite you to participate in /Door of Apocalypsepromotions and market surveys; or send you marketing information with yourexplicit consent. If you don't want to receive such information, you can optout at any time.




(c) Inform you about operating system orapplication updates and install them.




(d) Offer you a personalized user experienceand personalized content, and activate your after-sale services.




(e) Carry out internal audits, dataanalysis, and research to improve our products and services.




(f)  Analyze the efficiency of ourbusiness operations and measure our market share.




(g) Improve customer communications andensure that provide a secure, quality service to customers.




(h) Troubleshoot errors should you choose tosend us error details.




(i) Synchronize, share, and store data youupload or download and data required to implement uploads and downloads.




(j) Improve our loss prevention andanti-fraud programs.




1.3 Location-based services




When you access certain location-basedservices, for example, when you perform a search, use navigation software, orcheck the weather for a specific location, /Door of Apocalypsemay collect, use, and process your device's precise or fuzzy location. This isnecessary for /Door of Apocalypse to provide the aforementionedservices. /Door of Apocalypse may collect your deviceidentification numbers (IMEI, ESN, MEID, and SN), device type, model, andreal-time location data (obtained through GPS, Wi-Fi, and your serviceprovider's network ID). /Door of Apocalypse collects locationdata to provide and improve its location-based products and services.




We may ask you which applications you wantlocation-based services to be enabled for. You can choose not to share yourlocation data by turning off location-based services on your devices. Fordetailed information on how to disable location-based services, please contactyour network operator.




  1.4 Collection and use ofnon-identifiable data




Non-identifiable data refers to data thatcannot be used to identify an individual. For example, /Door of Apocalypsemay collect aggregated statistics, such as the number of visitors to itswebsite. /Door of Apocalypse collects this data to understandhow people use its website, products, and services. This allows /Door of Apocalypseto improve its services to better satisfy customer needs. /Door of Apocalypsemay, at its own discretion, collect, use, process, transfer, or disclosenon-identifiable data for other purposes.




We endeavor to keep your personal data andnon-identifiable data separate, and use each independently. If personal data iscombined with non-identifiable data, it will be treated as personal data.




2. How /Door of Apocalypse usescookies and similar technologies




2.1 Cookies




To ensure that our websites functionproperly, we sometimes store small data files known as cookies on computers ormobile devices. A cookie is a simple text file that is stored on your computeror mobile device by a web server. Only the server that creates the cookie canretrieve or read the cookie's contents. Each cookie is unique to your webbrowser or mobile application. Cookies usually contain an identifier, the sitename, and some numbers and characters. Cookies allow websites to store data,such as your user preferences or the contents of your shopping basket.




Most large websites or Internet serviceproviders enable cookies in order to improve their user experience. Cookiesallow websites to remember users, either for a single visit (using a sessioncookie) or for repeated visits (using a persistent cookie). Cookies allowwebsites to store settings, such as language, font size, and other viewingpreferences for your computers or mobile devices. This means that userpreferences do not need to be re-configured on each visit. If a website doesn'tuse cookies, it will treat its users as new visitors each time they open apage. For example, if you log in on a website and move to another page, thewebsite won't recognize you, and you will be logged out again.




/Door of Apocalypse does not usecookies for any purposes other than those specified in this Policy. You canmanage or delete cookies according to your preferences. For more information,see You can clear all cookies stored on your computer andmost web browsers can be configured to block cookies. However, if you do so,you may have to manually your user settings every time you visit our websites.For more information on how to change your browser settings, please visit thefollowing links: <Internet Explorer>, <GoogleChrome>,< Mozilla Firefox>,< Safari>, and< Opera>.




2.2 Web beacons and pixel tags




In addition to cookies, we also use othersimilar technologies such as web beacons and pixel tags on our websites. Forexample, when you receive an email from/Door of Apocalypse, it maycontain a click-through URL which links to content on /Door of Apocalypse'swebsite. If you click on the link, the click-through is tracked by /Door of Apocalypseto help us learn about your product and service preferences and improve ourcustomer service. A web beacon is typically a transparent image that isembedded on a website or in an email. The inclusion of pixel tags in emailsallows us to know if our emails have been opened. If you do not want youractivities to be tracked in such a way, you may unsubscribe from /Door of Apocalypsemailing lists at any time.




2.3 Do Not Track




Many web browsers have a Do Not Trackfeature, which issues Do Not Track requests to websites. Currently, the mainInternet standards organization has no policy governing how websites shouldbehave when they receive such requests. However, all /Door of Apocalypsewebsites do respect the Do Not Track option if it is enabled in your browser.




3. How /Door of Apocalypsediscloses your personal data




/Door of Apocalypse does not sellyour personal data to third parties. However, /Door of Apocalypsemay disclose your personal data under the following circumstances:




3.1  Disclosures with explicit consent:After obtaining your explicit approval, /Door of Apocalypse mayshare your personal data with other parties.




3.2  Disclosures to /Door of Apocalypseaffiliates: Your personal data may be shared with /Door of Apocalypse'saffiliates. As a matter of policy, we will only disclose data that isnecessary.




3.3  Disclosures to authorized partners("our Partners"): Some /Door of Apocalypse services areprovided by our Partners. /Door of Apocalypse may share some ofyour personal data with its Partners to offer better customer service and animproved user experience. For example, when you purchase /Door of Apocalypseproducts online, /Door of Apocalypse must share your personaldata with logistics providers to schedule a delivery, or arrange for Partnersto provide services. Your personal data may only be processed for specified,explicit, and legitimate purposes, and only the data that is necessary to offera service shall be disclosed. /Door of Apocalypse subsidiariesor Partners are not authorized to use shared personal data for any otherpurpose.




3.4 Disclosures on legal or reasonablegrounds: /Door of Apocalypse may disclose your personal data ifrequired by the law, legal proceedings, litigation, or public and governmentalauthorities. In some jurisdictions, your personal data may also be disclosed totransaction parties if /Door of Apocalypse is involved in areorganization, merger, or insolvency and liquidation proceedings. /Door of Apocalypsemay also disclose your data where reasonable need can be demonstrated, such asto enforce its terms and conditions and to protect its customers.




4 How to access or modify your personal data




Under /Door of Apocalypse's termsand conditions, you can manage your personal data, such as your accountinformation, at any time. You should ensure that all personal data submitted isaccurate. /Door of Apocalypse will make reasonable efforts tokeep your personal data accurate, complete, and up-to-date. 




You have a right to access your personaldata, subject to some legal exceptions. Where privacy and information lawsdiffer in some jurisdictions, we will comply with them. If you would like toexercise your right to access data, please inform us by email For security reasons, you may be required to putyour request in writing.




You also have the right to delete or amendany personal information about you that we hold. /Door of Apocalypsewill delete or amend such information upon your request. To make such arequest, you can contact us by email at We maydecline to process requests if we have a reasonable basis to believe that theyare made in bad faith, are impractical, or if access is not otherwise requiredby local law. 




5 How /Door of Apocalypse protectsyour personal data




/Door of Apocalypse takes personaldata security seriously. We follow industry-standard practices to safeguardyour personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, use, modification,damage, or loss. We take all reasonably practicable steps to protect yourpersonal data. For example, we use encryption to ensure data confidentiality;we use trusted protection mechanisms to protect data from malicious attacks; wedeploy visit control mechanisms to ensure only authorized personnel can accesspersonal data; and we raise awareness among employees about the importance ofprotecting personal data through security and privacy protection trainingsessions.




We take all reasonably practicable steps toonly collect relevant personal data. We only retain your personal data for theperiod necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Policy, unless alonger retention period is required or permitted by law. While we take theutmost care to protect your personal data, please note that no securitymeasures are completely infallible.




6 How /Door of Apocalypse handlesthe personal data of children




Our products, websites, and services areprimarily intended for adults. Children are not allowed to create their ownuser account without the consent of parents or guardians. Where a child'spersonal data is collected with parental consent, we will only use or disclosethis data if the law permits it, if explicit permission is given by parents orguardians, or if it is necessary to protect the child. Although the definitionof a child may vary according to local laws and customs, we consider any personunder the age of 13 years to be a child.




If /Door of Apocalypse learns thatit has collected a child's personal data without first obtaining verifiableparental consent, it will take steps to delete the data within the shortestpossible delay.




7 Third party providers and their services




To ensure a smooth browsing experience, youmay be served content or web links from third parties external to /Door of Apocalypseand our Partners ("Third Parties"). /Door of Apocalypsedoes not have control over such Third Parties. You can choose whether or not toaccess links, content, products, and services offered by Third Parties.




/Door of Apocalypse has no controlover the privacy and data protection policies of Third Parties, which are notgoverned by this Policy. Before submitting your personal information to ThirdParties, please refer to their respective privacy protection policies.




8 How your perssonal data is transferredinternationally




/Door of Apocalypse products andservices are delivered through resources and servers located around the world.This means your personal data may be transferred to or accessed from otherjurisdictions which are outside the country where you use our products orservices. These jurisdictions may have different data protection laws, or suchlaws may not even exist. In such cases, /Door of Apocalypse willensure that a similar and adequate level of protection is afforded to your dataas required by all applicable laws and regulations. For example, /Door of Apocalypsemay request your consent to transfer personal data across borders, or implementsecurity measures like data anonymization prior to cross border data transfers.




9 How this Policy is updated




/Door of Apocalypse reserves itsright to update or amend this Policy from time to time. /Door of Apocalypsewill notify you of the changes through various channels. Where changes are madeto our privacy policy, we will post the updated privacy policy on our website.We may also issue you with a separate notice (e.g. an electronic notification)informing you of any changes to our privacy policy. 




10  How to contact /Door of Apocalypse




If you have any questions, comments, orsuggestions, please contact us by email at orsubmit them to one of our global field offices. For a complete list of ouroffice locations, please visit our website at:




Important Notice: The local language versionof the /Door of Apocalypse Privacy Policy may vary from this versiondue to local laws and language differences. Where differences arise, the locallanguage version shall prevail.




Last updated: December 2015


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